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Commercial & Residential Snow Clearing

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Write a single cheque for the full invoice amount - or - for monthly services you may write separate monthly cheques and postdate them to the first day of each month. Provide all cheques in the first month of service.

Telephone Credit Card Payment

Call John at 204 291-7778 and he will take your credit card details from you.

Ploughing - Hauling - Shovelling - Ice Control - Sanding - Salting

While You Were Sleeping: snow clearing
Published December 4, 2013

While most Winnipeggers sleep, John Dick Landscaping workers make sure the streets and sidewalks are ready to be navigated by day. Watch video

Humble beginnings snowballed into 14 man crew.
By Doug Lunney, Winnipeg Sun

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"You guys did a great job"
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"You guys did a great job with the snow this winter

So thanks again."

Mike Shears
Landscaping Client

"have never looked better..."
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"Hello John,

This is Ollie calling on behalf of Mr. and Mrs loch from the Loch gallery to say thank you for the incredible job that you and your crew are doing at their home and at the Loch gallery.

What a marvellous job! The parking lot and the driveway at home have never looked better during the winter.

Thank you for all of your effort."

(voice mail)

"your guys work really hard..."
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Man your guys work really hard for you.

Thanks for all the help."

Residential Client For Snow
(voice mail)

"I just wanted to thank you"
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I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the cleaning of my driveway.

They did a very nice job.

Thank you very much."

Dan Coil
(voice mail)

"really did a great job..."
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"Hello John,

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job the guys did this past winter in clearing the snow at my parent's place.

My parents were very pleased as they came out soon after any snowfall and kept the sidewalks cleaned so that my parents had access to the recycling bins and the front mailbox. There was minimal risk of falls and slips.

Thank you again and thank the snow clearing crews that really did a great job under some challenging times this past winter.

Please keep them on the list for next season.

Thanks again"

Sophie Gaska
Residential Client For Snow

"a wonderful job all winter..."
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"Your people have done a wonderful job all winter.

I thank you and them for the help you have given me.

Your guys also did a great job at my brother's home. He was very Happy.

Thank you for helping me."


Commercial Snow Clearing

Download the Commercial Snow Clearing Price List.

Residential Snow Clearing from:
    $195 / mo. (full winter)
    $215 for a single month (Standard Service)

  • 24 hour response following end of snowfall and 1" accumulation
  • Response times following severe weather conditions can be 48-72 hours
  • Follow up visits are scheduled after:
    • severe weather
    • heavy accumulations
    • or blowing snow
  • Front & back door, all walkways, driveway, city sidewalk, garbage & recycling areas.
  • Snow cleared to closest landscape possible
  • Includes service after wind blown drifts(customer should call).
  • Includes service when city equipment closes in back lane or front walks (customer should call).

  • Optional:
    • Priority service starting from $300/mo clears walks & driveways by 9:00 a.m. following end of snowfall and 1" accumulation
    • Sanding, salting.
    • Ice melt products delivered or applied
    • Roof clearing
    • Moving or removing piled snow

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