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Committed To A Clean Environment

Environmental Responsibility

"My brother Doug Dick joined us 3 years ago bringing 13 years of experience working in an industry that focused on protecting our environment. As a leader within our team he reinforces our commitment to do the same every day.

A contractors responsibility to a clean environment goes beyond re using office paper and having a recycling bin ready at all times.

As a leader in our industry we recognise our obligation to use less and reduce emissions at the turn of every key.

At the completion of every project we leave a city street cleaner than when we arrived. No residue from a landscape contractors work should wash into city catch basins.

I am grateful that our success over 20+ years allows us to focus more on important issues like efficiency, recycling and environmental protection"

John Dick

Green Fleet

Green Fleet Vehicles

John and Doug work together to schedule service intervals on mid size to heavy trucks to minimize emissions and maximize efficiency. Weekly service intervals on our grass cutting equipment reduces down time and supports equipment running at an optimal level of performance.

The installation of a fleet wide GPS tracking system allows us to prevent unnecessary idle time and identify equipment that requires a tune up based on fuel use.

Naturally It makes sense to add eco vehicles to our fleet for estimates and small deliveries to job sites. We are using the savings in fuel costs to increase wages and purchase newer more efficient tools and equipment for our crews.


We pride ourselves on separating all materials for recycling and re use on every job site including

Waste Disposal

At the end of every job, material that cannot be recycled is taken to a disposal site that is approved by The City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.

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